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All You Need to Do for A Perfect Pout


If you have been looking for a simple guide to wear lip makeup flawlessly, here’s all you need to know about, and what you need to do.


Exfoliation makes everything soft and supple, be it your skin or your lips. In case you didn’t know, your lips can get dry and dehydrated, as easily as your skin does. This is why you would look for ways to keep your lips hydrated and fresh all the time.

Exfoliation will get rid of thin layers of dead skin, and reveal a healthier, fresher look. You may want to look up the internet for some of the easiest home-made scrubs that you can prepare in minutes and at almost no cost. Make exfoliation a habit and you’d be doing most of the justice to your lips. 


Did you know that your lip balm does all the wonders you can imagine when it comes to hydration. Nevertheless, this only becomes true if your lip balm consists of the essential ingredients and nutrients. Always look for lip balms that are formulated with care. They certainly may not be cheap but are completely worth it!

Ideally, you will look for a lip balm that is mostly enriched with vitamin E which helps eliminate anything unhealthy and give it a nourished look. Some of the ingredients you’d want to look out for are shea butter and aloe. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on balms with rare but amazing ingredients like castor seed oil, you might just want to grab them straight away! The more the nourishment, the healthier! 

Wear a Primer!

A lip primer is one of those things you simply couldn’t do without once you know how amazingly it works! Just like an eye primer, this one is just amazing when it comes to preventing creasing or smudging of your lipstick, and giving your lips a super smooth look!

Look for the best options you can. Some of the great ones come with nourishing properties, and it might take a little bit of a hunt to get your hands on them. However, keep in mind that your lipsticks, liners, and glosses are all of the best quality too, so they all work together to give you a beautiful finish. Never hesitate to invest in premium quality lipgloss kits, lipstick, liners, and primers when you find them. 

Pick Great Shades

It is important to figure out what colours work with the shade of your skin. Skin tones vary from fair to medium, Olive, and deep. Peaches, nudes, and pale pink shades go well with fair skin tones. As for medium tones, explore shades like reddish orange, copper, even beige. If you are more of an Olive skin, you’d never go wrong with coral, red and wine, while your deep skin would stand out exquisitely with shades of wine, berry, and copper, too. 

Don’t Ditch the Rest!

While keeping the above in mind, you also need to know that you do not have to ditch the other colours. Look for tips and tricks on how to work out lip colours that aren’t seemingly meant for your skin tone – the internet is just loaded with them! You should be able to blend these odd colours with your regular favourites, or with primers and liners to create a final outcome you never imagined

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