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Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners


Sewing is considered as a satisfying hobby especially when you’ve already mastered the basic things to do. You could create all sorts of things by sewing – from home décor to clothing. It may seem daunting at first but when you start learning and gaining experience through constant practice, you’ll realize that it is not that complicated at all especially when you have all the essential tools and supplies you need.

If you’re still new to sewing, practicing on some simple projects can help you earn experience and become more confident in your skills through time. For those who are looking for great beginner sewing project ideas, here are some of the best ones to consider.

Simple Bag

A bag is greatly useful yet actually easy to make. Cloth bags are very popular these days because of the eco-friendly movement away from plastic bags. If you’re looking for an easy yet useful sewing project, try making a simple bag like a knot bag, tote bag, or a drawstring bag. Be sure to choose a thick and durable fabric for the outer part and another fabric for the lining. You could also be creative by sewing some embellishments into the bag.


If you’re looking for something that can be used to beautify your home, try sewing curtains instead. You could opt for hidden tab curtains or curtain panels to beautify your windows and add life into your home décor. Curtains aren’t that complicated to measure and cut since you’ll be dealing with straight lines most of the time. Be sure to get the right measurements and the perfect fabric that suits your décor to create a beautiful curtain for your home.

Simple Clothes

For those who want to sew projects that can be worn, you could actually try sewing simple clothes even when you’re still a beginner in the craft – from simple dresses, tops, skirts, pants, and more. Nowadays, you don’t actually need to make your own pattern for clothes. Sewing patterns like this women’s pants pattern are easy to find online and there are even some styles specifically designed for beginners. Simple gather all the materials and supplies stated on the project and follow all the steps correctly to be able to make the project perfectly.

Table Runners

For those who are looking for simple sewing projects but could add more impact to their home décor, table runners are the best projects to try out. They are very easy to make and there are actually no rules when it comes to how you style the table runner.

You could also create different lengths and sizes, depending on where you want to put them. A long and wide table runner can be placed in the main dining table while a smaller one can be used to beautify a coffee table. Pick a fabric print or colour that suits your current décor so it complements the entire space.

Those were just some of the few sewing projects you could achieve as a beginner in the craft. There are still plenty of other projects to practice on and it is all up to you on which one catches your interest and creativity.

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