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Riva Bridal, the ultimate bridal destination, is Melbourne’s centre of fine opulence and sophistication, where dreams are made and love stories start their walk down the aisle! By having a long history of exceeding two decades of its establishment, Riva Bridal is renowned to be a mark of perfection in the field of weddings, making the lives of the brides turn into a dream come true.

Going wedding dress shopping should be more than just a shopping trip, it’s a unique emotional experience that defines an incredible moment in a person’s life and creates the high expectations of an idyllic dream. That is why, we try to make our future bride truly remember this moment and have something special that would become a part of her special day as well.

However what does separate us from any other bridal stores? It’s easy – our dedication to having the best staff working in tandem with an extensive lineup of leading designers’ wedding dresses. Whether you aspire to look timelessly elegant or sleek modernly, our gown is made to make you feel like the most radiant newlywed on an evening she foresees arriving at her doorstep.

With innumerable alternatives to choose from, it’s easy to get fucked up in the choice of the one. No worries however: Our professional styling service is more than just to point you in the right direction but to walk you through the entire journey. We provide you with everything, starting from understanding your personal style, ending with silhouettes that will bring you wings and suggest picking up the dress that will give you the boost of self-confidence that you need.

However, not only is our word to be trusted, but listen to what other brides have shared after working with Riva Bridal. The testimonials by our clients describe our products and services in a perfect picture. So let us seize this moment as the occasion to bow our audiences into our world of wedding fantasy, to transform dreams into reality. You need step inside Riva Bridal and see for yourself why we are the superior option on every count when it is anything to do with the bridal.

My Unique shopping experience at Riva Bridal will be discussed in this section.

It is not any Shopping for that Dream Wedding Dress, it has to be an aspiration just as it is Your Big Day. All you can have from Riva Bridal is just how it is presented to you  an entirely new and unforgettable journey towards the creation of the ideal gown.

Once you enter into our boutique, you are certainly welcomed by our courteous staff that will help you every way possible to make your changing the dress into a memorable and satisfying one. It is our conviction that every bride is unique in their style and preferences, and this is why we use our time to find that style that best suits the bride.

Before the bride descends the nuptial aisle, there are several basic necessities which go into preparation to make the wedding day perfect. Heavily varied in their styles, fabrics, and silhouettes, brides are able to dress according to their taste. Whether it is you imagine yourselves in classic romantic ballgown or you consider yourself as a sophisticated mermaid gown, then we have all in store. We have very carefully picked up our products; and our products include designs from the leading designers like Roger Prouvias, Maggie Sotter and Essense of Australia in Australia.

Personalization experts are one of the ways in which Riva Bridal is different from its peers in the industry. Our professional consultants are very careful in detail and will advise you dress that slide nicely and complement your physiqued and highlight your natural features. They will be progressive in your options and give you true assessments so that you feel assured with what you pick.

However, do not only trust us when it comes to the bridal benefits that we offer our customers, instead, why don’t you listen directly to the experiences of real brides who had come to our RivaBridal to get a glimpse of that super special and exciting moment that happened to have chosen our firm. From gushing about unparalleled customer experience to praising discovering ‘the one’ from our sheer beauty on the bridges they are all wonderful stories, encompassing volumes about the service we offer.

For many of us, shopping for a wedding dress is like a fairy tale come true and at Riva Bridal, we make this experience magical from beginning to end. Call or visit us today, and we promise that the information you will be given about us and our reputation will be invaluable to your bridal research.

The wide range of dresses in the designer wedding portfolios

If you are a bride-to-be, then your dream is true – ordinary wedding dresses are a dream at Extensive Collection of Designer Wedding Dresses from Riva Bridal. This department provides a long list of sensational dresses by excellent designers, which makes this establishment shine among other places.

The showroom is a place where you feel like living in an abundance of luxury, and when entering it, you’ll see many wonderful racks of outstanding dresses and this selection is not at random, but it is specifically chosen to fit various styles and tastes. There are Riva Bridal ranges from classic ball gowns to sleek mermaid silhouettes and for all the bride out there, there is for everyone something.

Which distinguishes this collection is not only its diversity of stylees but also the skillful workmanship and fine embroidery that personifies each of these wedding gowns. Crafted with the most luxurious fabrics, jewellery works flawlessly, and embroidery is done with the highest detail oriented in every thread, you will turn out to be nothing ordinary on your event day.

Be it you’re a modern new generation mamm takes or a boho goddess, Riva bridal will have got you rounded up. They have a huge variety, including timeless bridal gowns by leading international designers, such as Pronovias, Rosa Clará, Maggie Sottero, etc. Rest assured these couture designers have firmly placed their creative energy into your famous and classic pieces that make you feel like royalty.

What is more important, Riva Bridal has a wide array of designer wedding gowns on offer as well as a number of simple solutions to meet each bride’s unique requirements. Their team of seasoned stylists will walk you through the choice of various options while paying attention to your goals and desires. They understand that your wedding day dress needs to be unique and fitting into your personality, making you feel comfortable on your big day.

And while providing enlightened guidance in styling matters, Riva Bridal takes every step further to ensure that the bride is comfortable during an entire shopping expedition. There are little nooks, so-called secret rooms, secret holes, where customers who buy wedding rings in this expensive office will find special fitting rooms, and personal consultations with staff – they understand that the search for ‘the one’ should be memorable and full of joyous moments.

Targets customized services and expert styling guides.

As for the professional fashion consultancy, special attention, and personalization are essential in the process of choosing your wedding dress. Leveraging the distinctive once-in-a-lifetime dreams and desires of a potential bride is a common ambition of any other bridal business, Riva Bridal is no exception.

The first second may be entering into our boutique is, from the moment you step into our boutique, our well-trained staff is devoted to an beyond the expectation customer’s personal care. We spend the time to understand who you are, what you imagine, and provide it to you by means of our expertise in designer wedding dresses.

Our Style Salon team with very creative and professional members are excellent in the matters of fashion. Our team will accompany you through the collection while offering inspiration on gowns that are flattering to your figure, brim with style, and capture your unique personality. Your version of dream white could be a floor length ball gown or a contemporary sheath dress – we have a style for every taste.

However, this is not where it ends at Riva Bridal, brides are always felt special and so we always do more for the brides. Our modified services are professionally conducted, and highly skilled seamstresses will in the process assure that each stitch is accurate. Then too accessories like veils,jewelery,shoes are invited as well so that all the aspects of your bride look are taken care of in one place.

We know the significance this choice is for you – surely, this is not every dress; this is THe dress! Therefore, we try to set up an environment where you can feel free to put your feelings and understand other cultures’ way of living. Our stylists welcome as your walking partner to create the dream of your life.

Real Brides’ Testimonials

The pleasure of our brides who enter our boutique or try on our dresses via the Internet is our ultimate reward. But do not trust our words alone – listen to the actual words of living brides who have tried and tested the outstanding services and high quality items from Melbourne’s best wedding facilities.

Lisa, a recent bride, shared her experience at Riva Bridal: It was clear from the first moment I entered Riva Bridal that I was in excellent hands. The team made a wedding princess, so I wanted, and helped to find a dream dress. The way the staff was paying attention to details and personal service far beyond any expectation.

Another happy bride, Sarah, expressed her gratitude: I owe Riva Bridal a special thank you for making my wedding day even more than magical. The team did everything with pleasure in order to make my bridal look the best: from the fitting process of finding the right gown to accessories, and alterations, they took care of it all!

These are only two out of many testimonials from happy brides who made Riva Bridal their preferred one-stop shop store for their ‘perfect dress’. We pass our commitment to being the best into everything we do for hire and this commitment is one that also shines through in every client interaction.

Riva Bridal’s all-encompassing customer experience, paired with the vast collection of designer dresses, personalized services, and expert styling advice all but guarantee that it is no doubt Melbourne’s preferred bridal shop.

No matter whether you are a traditionalist or a modern trend faher looking for that dream dress, your path to their happily eager after, is unforgettable and only with us, Riva Bridal. Indeed, our goal is to help you create moments that will be ingraved into the fabric of your mind for time immemorial on your special day.

Booked appointment today and let us, your dedicated staff, helps you along this magical process with passion and pioneers’ knowledge. See it Up Close as to why so many brides have chosen Riva Bridal as their beloved confidante hemmed in choosing the exact visions that they have for their wedding ceremony.

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