Planning on celebrating your best friend before their marriage? Here is how to!


Is your best friend of many years about to get married to the person they love? Being close friends or best friends with someone is a beautiful experience and one that every adult needs to experience in full. When your best friend is about to tie the knot, then this means they are almost about to start a brand new chapter in their life. Life before a marriage is going to be smoother and comes with less responsibilities. However, a marriage brings responsibilities and other new adventures in to your life. This is why it is a moment life is going to change for the married couple in many ways. If your friend is about to experience this change in their life, you need to celebrate them first. Celebrating womanhood before a friend is about to marry is a major tradition all around the world. Here is you can celebrate your best friend before their marriage comes around!

You need to throw them a hens night before their big day

When you are about to celebrate your best friend before their big day, then you need to do this by throwing a hens night or bachelorette party! A hens night is a popular tradition all around the world and it is something that is only getting more and more popular by the day. When you throw a hens night, you need to check out the best hens party ideas in Melbourne and plan it out the way your best friend is going to love. You need to find the best venue for this private event and bring about the right entertainment as well. When you are going to bring your closest group of girlfriends together, your bride to be is going to feel celebrated and you can spice up the event with some strippers too! A hens night is going to be the ideal event to make memories with your girls!

You need to include the best games and entertainment for the night

Entertainment and games are a big part of your hens night or the night you are celebrating your best friend. Games and entertainment are a necessity and if this is lacking, then your friends are not able to have a good time at your event. You can arrange a group activity that your friend is going to love such as a cooking class for everyone or you can hit the club with the strippers! You can take in to consideration what your friends love to do and then create the best games for their night out!

Take your friend on a day to relax before the wedding

Preparing for a wedding is going to be a very stressful time for your best friend and this is why you can take them out for a pampering session as a way to celebrate them. Taking them to a spa or having a hens spa day is going to help them relax and destress!

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