A Guide to Hairline Tattooing


The quality of a person’s hair in terms of thickness, length and volume adds to how they feel about themselves and has an impact on their self-esteem and confidence. While men with bald heads are accepted by society to be a normal phenomenon, it is not the same for women. Women who suffer from receding hairlines, alopecia and thinning hair have a much harder time adjusting to their situation and society in general also finds it equally difficult to accept a woman’s baldness as normal.

Hair shaping technology like scalp hairline tattoo Perth offers a solution to those who are looking for one. Whilethere are several remedies like surgery and hair transplanting for both men and women who are balding, experiencing thinning hair or experiencing hair loss, scalp tattooing is gaining in popularity because it is a fairly straightforward permanent procedure.

Hair loss is a common problem around the world with millions of people suffering from some form of hair loss. One remedy for hair loss is scalpmicro pigmentation which uses a technique similar to cosmetic tattooing. Scalp micro pigmentation is also known as, hair tattoo, scalp tattoo, scalp pigmentation and hair pigmentation. Once done the hair tattoo makes it look as if you have a fuller head of hair and is equally recommended for men and women suffering from hair loss to fill in areas with a thinning hairline or balding hairline. Just like having cosmetic tattooing done, when micro pigmentation is being done on your scalp you will feel some discomfort for which you can ask your hair technician to provide you with a pain reliever or numbing cream. Once done, the appearance of the area where the tattooing has been done will appear similar to a shaved head or real hair.

The process of having your hairline tattooed will begin with a consultation with a professionally trained and educated hair technician who can both assess and predict future balding or a receding hairline. The procedure is done over multiple visits with about a 5-7 days gap between sessions to allow the scalp to heal from the abrasion of the tattooing. There will be some amount of discolouration as the scalp heals from the procedure. The intensity of the colour will also deepen and the tattoo will become sharper with each session. 

The hair technician will discuss hair design options with you and the colour/shade of ink to be used that will match your eyebrows, skin and if you have any natural hair choose a colour similar to that. Before starting the technician will mark the area to be worked on, allowing you to see what the result will look like in terms of coverage and hairline. The second session deposits will produce a darker tattoo. Hairline tattooing is a permanent solution although just like a regular body tattoo it will fade over time at which point you can choose to have a touch-up done. Although popular among men the procedure is suitable for women as well.

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