Unconventional Styling Ideas For Pregnant Women

Styling yourself during pregnancy may feel like a bit of a task for any mom-to-be. I mean its completely understandable given all the different hormones surging through giving mood swings that change every five minutes, not to mention the constant body pain – quite a picture isn’t it? Well, it’s not all that bad and honestly some of it can be quite good. It’s all a matter of taking the best out of a situation; pregnancy can be a positive or negative experience depending on how you make yourself look at it and are yourself feel about it mentally. Of course, having said that it’s pretty obvious that there are one few many things that are completely out of your control when it comes to this magical time, such as the physical pains as I mentioned previously.

But anyway, focusing on the good bits and the bits of this experience that you can actually control would really help are this whole experience a more positive and treasured one, one such thing that you can totally control is how you look! Yes despite having heard so much to the contrary, you can actually control how you look. When I mean you can control how you look it does not mean that you can control how big you get or how swollen your ankles become at one point; what I mean is how you present yourself and what you do to take the focus away from your swollen ankles or puffy face – which is definitely temporary, just saying! Let’s look at some super cool unconventional ways to get this done:

Comfort Is A Priority – Be Smart With It

We all know that being comfortable comes above all during pregnancy and that is not something you can compromise. But this doesn’t mean that you cant be stylish; more to the contrary you can actually do quite a bit more in terms of styling yourself in a comfortable manner when you are pregnant. The secret is that you can use the most common items like maternity activewear and turn them into a completely different outfit.

For instance, you can style a pair of active wear pants or leggings with an oversized sweater and a scarf, maybe a beanie and you’d have a perfect winter or fall outfit, or you could have a pair of the activewear leggings joined up with a pair of sneakers a denim jacket and a comfortable T-shirt for a quick casual outfit. In every combination of outfits, you could put together with activewear, you would end up with something that you would be comfortable in.

You Can Still Keep Those Heels On Ladies

Trying to wear some of your shoes from pre-pregnancy times can be hard for some moms-to-be especially because your feet decide to take a trip down the swollen road, yes that’s right, your feet swell up and they swell up a lot. So naturally you will need some new shoes to get you through this time, but this definitely does not mean that you cant wear all your favorite heels. Keep these heels and wear them whenever your feet decide to be nicer to you.


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