Tips to Freshen Your Fashion Looks

If you are someone who is in touch with the latest trends in the fashion world or if you are someone looking for a fresh start in your style, then you might be looking for ways to recreate your looks. Recreating your look is not always limited to changing the clothes you wear or going on expensive shopping trips. Take a look at the following tips to find out how you can start your new look.

Try-out New Colours

Changing the kind of colours, you generally wear can give you a brand-new personality. For example, if you are someone who has always preferred to opt for the lighter coloured items in your wardrobe, why not try out a bolder coloured piece for once? If you are someone who have always worn black why not try out a lighter colour and see how you look in it? Try out a few rarely worn pieces you already have in your wardrobe in front of a mirror and see how well you like it. You can gradually start shopping for more similar colours if you like this new look.

Recreate Your Favourite Style

Do you have a fashion idol? A celebrity, an Instagram blogger whose style you’ve always admired? Someone whose style you think would suit you too? Try to recreate these looks when you are dressing up next time. You don’t always have to shop new items to recreate a look. Instead try to do this with already existing pieces. Instead of matching your clothes the same way you have done in the past, experiment with your clothes and don’t be scared to try them out. This goes to clothes, accessories and shoes all. Your outfit doesn’t have to match your idol’s perfectly. You can instead try putting similar style together with your own unique touch.

Change Your Hair

Have you ever tried to change your hair out of its messy top-bun? Sure, sometimes when we are busy, a quick top bun is the best choice, but there are so many other casual fast styles that you can try out. There are so many styles you can try and a quick online search would bring you hundreds and hundreds of hair tutorials for you to do your hair yourself. Give a few of them a try to see which ones bring out your features the best and which ones are the most comfortable. If you feel like it is the time to make a visible change to your hair, you can even try a new haircut.

Ever Tried Custom Made Clothes?

Never been satisfied with what you find when you are on a shopping trip? Ever tried to recreate a look but could not find the right pieces on your everyday store? Well then, maybe it is time to get a custom-made outfit. Go to a good dressmaker Melbourne and let them see a picture or a sketch of the outfit of your dream. And they can recreate the exact look for you.

An added advantage of this is that you can get the same style in different materials and colours you prefer. You will also get the outfit finished to your exact measurements so there is no need to worry about ill-fitted clothes.

Instead of trying out the same look every day, give yourself a fresh look by trying out these tips. Anew look can make you feel freshened up new.


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