Tips And Suggestions To Help Your Little One Beat The Heat This Summer

Summertime is all about fun and vacationing, but the heat of it tends to get to the children more than it does with adults. Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat and keep your little ones cool, safe and happy…  

Proper Hydration Is Vital

Proper hydration is vital every day, but especially during the summer when they’re more prone to dehydration. Make drinking water a habit from a very young age so that they don’t find it an annoying task to do as they grow older. Make sure water and other healthy beverages are always at easy access to them throughout the day; especially if they like playing outdoors under the sun. Ensure they drink a glass of water as soon as they wake up, and at least have quarter glass of water before bed¾especially if they’re sleeping under a fan.

What They Eat Plays A Major Role In Keeping Them Cool

Apart from water, what your children eat too can keep them cool and hydrated throughout the summer. Make sure they eat high water content fruits like watermelons often. Vegetables like celery in cucumber are also high in water content, and cooling for the body as well. Try to make these more appealing to younger children by cutting them into interesting shapes, or sprinkling on a few mild spices for seasoning.

Opt For Breezy Summer Wear; Even At Home

Children tend to get very uncomfortable during the summer, and the primary reason for that can be their clothing. Always opt for summer-friendly materials and designs; keeping in mind that these same clothing can be worn for winter if worn in layers. Toddlers especially feel the effects of summer rather harshly, so opt for light and breezy summer baby clothes Australia.

Sufficient Sleep Is Important For A Pleasant Summer 

Without a doubt, sufficient sleep is what keeps children happy and lively; and this is no different during the summer. Unfortunately, many children have difficulties falling asleep due to sleep, and tend to get cranky due to it. Make sure you cool down the room before putting them down for their naps during the day. It’s also vital to remember not to cool the room too much, as this will result in your children catching summer colds. Try to switch on the air conditioner around 10 minutes before they head to bed, and keep it on for a maximum if an hour. You can always turn it on for a few minutes later on in the night if it gets too warm for them…

Line Up Activities That Will Keep Them Cool And Active

It can be tempting to try to keep your kids indoors during the summer; especially if you’re concerned about the effects of the harsh sun on their tender skin. However, you’ll find that you’ve set yourself an impossible task. Instead, consider taking them for safe cooling activities. If they want to head to the pool, select an indoor pool that is close to your home for this. If they want to head to the beach, try to head out when the sun is less harsh and drying etc.  


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