Stylish Essentials For Your Tropical Getaway

Packing for a tropical getaway can be quite challenging. Apart from the standard sunscreen, shades and plenty of bikinis that you probably won’t need, there’s so many other cute outfits and accessories you’ll want to take with you! Unfortunately, you need to save space so prioritizing what you need to take becomes quite the dilemma. To help you out, here is a list of essential clothing items and accessories that you’ll need to pack for your adventure into the tropics.


You might find yourself unaccustomedto the weather conditions on your vacations and this loose, cotton piece willdo just fine with providing you with ease from the heat.  This casual outfit can be dressed with denimshorts or just pulled over your swimsuit while you travel the streets or if youfeel the need for a little more privacy.


As much as you would like to pickyour cutest dresses, we’re also looking at practicality here. Choose a soft,breezy sundress where wrinkles will go unnoticed because let’s face it- nobodyever wants to iron on their vacation do they? Lighter, solid colors will alsohelp you in adapting to the weather conditions.


Yet another issue of practicality. Your high heels will not be needed here. Opting for flat and sandals, instead, will save you from considerable blisters and offer complete comfort. Go for more neutral colors such as beige or black so you can pair them with any outfit.

Tote Bag

Just Buy Boho bag, that little voice inside your head is probably saying. You definitely should. This accessory will be a beneficial addition of aesthetic value. Tip: Go for a versatile bag that can serve as a clutch, shoulder bag and even a cross-body bag for that extra efficiency in meeting any occasion on the go. These are also hardy, durable items so you don’t have to worry about replacing them on each vacation.

Statement Jewelry

In this occasion, less is more. Nothing says tropics like a simple jewelry set. Dangle/fringe earrings may be better suited for these conditions with perhaps a touch of bohemian influence for that effortless look. Simple chains or wooden bangles would fit right in!

Denim Shorts

Once again, less is more. Denimshorts are the ideal type of clothing to pack since in the tropics, you mayfind yourself wishing for an optimal level of comfort and ease from the heat(if you are not used to it). While cotton, loose-fitting pants will also getthe job done, you will not regret leaving home with this staple in yourbaggage.

Floral Outfits

Nothing says tropics like florally patterned outfits. Be it a romper, jumpsuit or a dress, get yourself in the mood for a tropical getaway by packing these light, floral necessities.

Make sure you start packing early-don’t forget to pack light with all the right necessities that will have youready to enjoy a relaxing getaway in the tropics in no time.


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