How To Integrate Your Sporty Lifestyle Into Your Wedding

Are you and your soon to be husband quite sporty? Are you two such fans of sport and love to play sports that you both want to integrate it into your wedding? Sports and weddings are two things that seem to not mix in any sense. Do you find some common ground between the two? Seems rather difficult if you ask me. This may seem difficult but is not something that is impossible to do. All you would need is a good eye to find a few things that could be linked together to produce an elegant wedding with the underlying sporty theme.

Don’t get me wrong, to have a sporty theme wedding would be difficult initially to have to find some common ground but if such ground is found it can be done. The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t try to make your wedding all too sporty. You most certainly wouldn’t want your wedding party looking like some people from a gym squad but using this theme in the right areas or parts of your wedding can truly produce the outcome that you desire. You should be careful when choosing things such as outfits that don’t completely take away the wedding feel. Here are some ways you can use your love for sports in your stylish wedding:

Your Wedding Ring Can Be A Start

Yes, that is right, you heard me. One of the easiest and the most effective ways you could integrate your sporty lifestyle and your need for the sporty theme into your wedding is through your wedding ring. Instead of going for the traditional Tiffany cut diamond rings, you could go for Etrnl silicone wedding rings that have a stylish look and feel. They are not only stylish looking but are also quite durable and affordable. Both you and your partner can get matching rings of a different type, either gold plated or silver plated or the very dashing looking black rings. You would have a whole range of options to select from and you could make this choice to go with your sports themed wedding.

The Wedding Car

There probably isn’t a more obvious way to make sure that everyone gets that the theme of the wedding is a sporty one other than using a sporty car. If you both are huge sports people and fans of all kinds of sports cars then use one at your wedding. Why stop at one, use a whole bunch of those to really make your wedding theme stand out. You could get a few friends of the groom to ride in with a few sports cars and have one ready for you and your groom to leave the venue, Make sure the photographer gets plenty of shots of the sports cars and make sure that the pictures are used well throughout the album.

Wedding Cards

This is another part of your wedding that you could choose to really emphasize your sports theme. Get sporty themed wedding cards printed out instead of the traditional ones.


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