Factors For Choosing A Good Business Suit

Choosing a business suit is difficult because the choices are endless. If you are clueless, you could go to the nearest shopping mall to you and visit the menswear to get an idea of the styles and options you could choose from. Try some to get an idea of how the various fabric feels and which of them you are most comfortable with.

Don’t worry if you did not find anything that is to your liking. Just scour for what works for you and what does not so when you go visit a tailor to get your business suit done, you could easily describe to the tailor how you want your business suit to look like.

There are factors in choosing a good business suit, color, fabric, style and single or double breasted, these are for your considerations when choosing a business suit.


You could never go wrong with a black suit or any other neutral colored suits. With a black suit, you could go for a bolder colored button-down shirt with a collar. The louder the color is the better since it would stand out with the toned-down color of the suit. Besides, anything looks good in black. You could never go wrong with pairing with another color. Another benefit of owning a neutral colored suit is that no one would notice that it’s the same suit provided you change the colored button-down shirt and necktie you are wearing. None would be the wiser.


Another factor to consider when you’re thinking of getting custom made business suits is the fabric. Wool is the popular choice because it is light to be worn midday but could still provide warmth during cold nights. It is also soft and wrinkle free although a bit bulky in appearance. Linen is another favorite material for suits because it is lightweight and cool and comfortable to wear even when it’s hot. The only downside is that it easily creases and stains. Silk is also a good material although it is comparatively expensive than others.


There are three main styles of suits; English, Italian (Continental) and American. The English style is a suit best for those with an hourglass figure. The Italian or Continental style of suit is lightweight with squared shoulders while the American style has a straight and roomy design. If you are still at a loss about the differences in style and which one is the best, ask the tailor about it since they would be the expert depending on your body type and the event you are wearing the suit for.

Single or double breasted

Single breasted suits could have up to four buttons in the center while double breasted suits overlap with the opposite side and could have up to as many as eight buttons. The major difference between the two is that single breasted suits could be worn unbuttoned for a more relaxed look while double breasted suits are for more formal occasions. Thin and or tall men should also wear double breasted suits to give a fuller, broader look.

There isn’t a strict guideline that men should follow when it comes to dressing in a suit. Although, knowing a few tips and tricks could come in handy to be always appropriately dressed.


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