Pure Life

One of my nearest and dearest, Karen, called me this morning. We’ve been playing phone tag for a few weeks now and it was so nice to hear her voice, talk some trash and catch up on what’s been happening in her world. One thing I love about Karen is that she will always pick up the phone to call. Just to say hi. Just to check in. And that is such a rare thing these days.

Sometimes, I think that things like Facebook and Twitter and text messages and Instagram and The Internet in general are such a curse! Sometimes it just feels like all these devices and ways to connect with each other are actually doing the opposite. Disconnecting. 

But then just as I’m getting nostalgic, remembering a simpler time pre-mobile phones and Facebook and The Internet, a beautiful little connection is made and I discover something I never would have and then it all doesn’t seem like such a curse after all.

I saw my friend, Nato’s, pic on Instagram, of these madly hot wrist ties … one comment lead to another and the following week a pack of beautiful bracelets from Pura Vida (meaning Pure Life in Spanish… I like that alot) were sitting on my desk. And the reason I got so excited about these little bad boys is the wonderful story behind them. A couple of friends travelling around Costa Rica after graduation picked some up from a local who was hand making them to help support his family. And as the story goes, they took these hand crafted bracelets back to The States, which became an almost instant hit, and can now be found in over 500 stores around the world and counting. Not to mention that every bracelet purchased helps provide full time jobs for local artisans in Cost Rica with Pura Vida being apart of the 1% for the planet movement. How nice is that ?!

As you could imagine there was a bit of a fight in the studio as to who got what and now we are all well and truly decked out in Pura Vida and loving it!

Check out their full store HERE and fall in love a little bit.

Peace & Pure Life




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So Damn Peachy

Let’s face it. Things just aren’t the way they used to be. Life before Facebook seems like 100 years ago. More even. Life before mobile phones … was there even life before mobile phones? Everything seems to cause cancer these days, so much so that the sun seems to be the least of our worries. And then there’s the toxins … and parabens … and things that can’t be pronounced but can’t be good.

Luckily for us, in this overly processed, overly stimulated and overly toxified (that’s not a word, I just made that up) world in which we live in, there are a few clever kids out there fighting the good fight and bringing all things organic, clean and natural right to us … actually right to our front door step.

I got talking to one of my dearest, Haley Thompson, founder and brain child of Peachy Clean … the very new and very cool one stop good-for-your-everything skincare online store. Here’s what went down …

ALI COTTON : Ms Thompson … what’s new? So tell me … Peachy Clean, what’s it all about ?

HALEY THOMPSON: It’s about ditching toxic ingredients in your skin care and realizing that organic and natural products are not only better for your health, but are infinitely more effective too! It’s also about good, honest advice and products, we want to spread some love!

AC: When did you become passionate about natural skin care? 

HT: When I first heard about some of the toxic chemicals in “regular” skin care and the diseases they were linked to I was horrified! I couldn’t believe it was legal for them to be sold on shelves! Things like Parabens, DEA’s, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and all these weird sounding words are scientifically linked to things like breast cancer, infertility and developmental difficulties, all kinds of skin irritations, allergies, asthma…the list is endless! Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs most (around 80%) of what you put on it and we’re bathing in toxic cancer causing chemicals?? No thanks! Unfortunately, many brands that boast ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ on their labels are anything but-that’s why I’ve spent the last few years researching every ingredient on every product I stock. Everything at Peachy Clean is 100% safe to use on you and your family! I’m super strict about the brands I stock because I’m super passionate about only using natural products.

AC: OK I’m hooked … I’m actually shopping on your store right now as I type this … SO hit me … What’s your top 5 must have products right now?

HT: The entire Joveeba collection! It’s totally my style- easy, beachy and chic! Total Joveeba nut! I always love the styling too, give me all of the accessories! (AC: I’ll give you that $20 later for that comment hey ) I’m a total skin care junkie too though so I love indulging in new products! I love a good coat of Eco Tan-it’s a certified organic fake tan that actually contains chocolate! It’s amazing-super easy to use and just the most natural bronze colour too. I’m totally crazy for the Sodashi Concentrates-it’s an incredible liquid exfoliator unlike anything else I’ve tried! 3 drops gives you skin like a baby’s bum! The Savi Wellbeing Body Cream is divine, it’s one of those moisturisers you apply like ten times a day-not because you need it, just because you can’t get enough of the gorgeous smell! Oooh only 5? I also love the AEOS Dew Face Wash-it’s infused with gem crystals like Opal, Amethyst, Turquoise and Emerald! Seriously! How gorgeous is that? Plus it’s an amazing cleanser!

AC: Everyone loves their mum and loves buying their mum good stuff … so what’s your mums favourite product ?

HT: Mum’s a fan of the Sodashi Concentrates too-I love that she wasn’t quite sure about trying it before I gave her some and now it’s her favourite product! She’s loving all the Butter London nail polishes too-raiding the Peachy Clean cupboards is fun!

AC: Now, something really important that I really need to know … If you were an animal what animal would you be ?

HT: Meerkat!! I love them! I could just watch them for ages-they make me laugh!( AC: omg … you are totally a Meerkat !! But your hair is way cuter )

AC: Whats rotating on your ipod right now ?

HT: I love so many different styles of music so ‘shuffle’ is usually a good way to go! I love bands like Gossip and The Black Keys.

AC: Ok, now this one is really important … If there was a movie about you who would play you ?

HT: I’d love to think Kate Hudson! I love her style and cheekiness but realistically it would probably be more like Jim Carrey in drag ha ha!! (AC: I always say Kate Hudson! So sorry, I have dibs there…. what about Blake Lively ?! YESS !!)

AC: Latest fashion must have ?

HT: Ooooh so much! I’m already on the hunt for a killer pair of boots for winter. My favourite pair of tan, wedge heeled knee highs are on their last legs (pardon the pun). They go with everything and although I’m not quite ready to say goodbye, I’ve been trawling websites looking for their replacements. I gotta have some statement necklaces too-best way to look dressed up when just wearing a singlet and jeans.

AC: As an ex social pages writer you would have seen some pretty bad get up’s in your time … I know I have, and I’m just a regular person! So give me the goss, what’s your biggest fashion faux par ?

HT: Oh there’s been a few! Without doubt it would have to be short spiky peroxide blonde hair with long purple and green pigtails!! ( AC: I really want to see a photo of that.) I was in a band ok-it was cool…trust me! ha! I can’t believe I actually confessed to that… ( AC: neither can I !!!! What was the name of the band ? Was it a spin off from Girlfriend ?! )  

AC: Your perfect Sunday is …. ?

HT: Underwater somewhere with my man! We love diving-although he’s always looking for shells and crayfish, I’m happy just watching the little fishies go by! We usually have champagne on the boat too so we can pull up somewhere for a little picnic

AC: Thanks hottie, be seeing you soon… to give you that $20 xxx

You heard it here first – Peachy Clean …. get shopping !! 

Peace & Going Green


PS Here are some of my fav Butter London colour’s on Peachy Clean right now….

Left to Right:

1. Minger

2. Tea with The Queen

3. Branwen’s Feather

4. Blagger

5. La Moss

6. Come to Bed Red

7. Dahling

8. Diamond Geezer



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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Everything. Absolutely everything.

Love has everything to do with everything it turns out.

Whether you are talking about being ridiculously, crazily in love with someone, or totally head over heels for that new oversized acid wash jacket you saw Kate Moss sporting or if you have fallen heavy for the sweet sounds of that new band you can’t remember the name of … it’s all about love.

And right now I’m in love. Deep love. The kind of love that only happens every now and then. The kind of love that sort of catches you off guard … And my love for Mr Paul Davies goes deep. Right to the core. Soul even. He gets me swooning. Well his work does anyway. And he just so happens to have put out another stellar body of work which you can check out at The Tim Olsen Gallery … just in time for the most loved up day on our calendars. 

So here’s to love. In whatever form it may come for you, today is a very nice day to say ‘I love you’ to someone, or something. Because everyone needs a bit of love. And also because, well why the hell not?

Peace & L.O.V.E


 PS Here’s a preview of Paul’s latest instalment. Swoon x 2

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Remember being a teenager?

When lunch came from the Canteen … and having the latest Reebok Pumps could cement school yard popularity …. and when falling in love happened between ‘snowballs’ in the artificial smoke filled Scout hall of the local Blue Light Disco?

To be honest I look back on alot of my teenage years and cringe… but there’s something really intoxicating about the naivity and spirit of those years. Isn’t if funny how epic things seemed back then? Everyone had this longing feeling to be all grown up so that life would be easier… except when we finally did grow up, turns out things certainly aren’t easier … quite the opposite. What a wrought !! 

But as I go through the very last few days of having a 2 in front of my age, I’ve spent some time looking back and I’m hoping I’ve still got some of that teen spirit … the kind of spirit that gets your hands in the air to your favourite music or laughing uproariously at not so much at all or falling down after maybe one too many gins… and then getting up again only to fall down a few steps later… in the eternal words of Nirvana …. Smells Like Teen Spirit … because let’s face it, without that … well, days are just days.

Peace & Teen Spirit



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I’m a twin.

And one of the best things about being a twin, is that every year I get to celebrate my birthday with one of the people I love the most in the whole world. That’s pretty cool, huh?

So in just a few short weeks, my twin, Lee and I are going to be celebrating our 30th birthday together. It’s hard to believe that we are turning 30. We still act, think and in our minds, look, like we are in the lower end of our 20’s!

People keep asking how I feel about turning 30 … and if you had asked me a year ago I might have said something like ‘Why the fuck do you have to bring that up !?!?!’ in a kinda shrill annoyed voice … but now, in my mellow old age, I’m actually completely at peace with it. It feels right. It feels like the start of something new.

So in honour of starting something new, one always needs a few new things … so you asked for it, now here it is – my Birthday Wish List!! Apparently these are becoming quite popular amongst friends and family as I’m infamously hard to buy for… And I don’t believe I’ve ever felt as much joy seeing a little black box as I do when I see one of the Net-A-Porter black boxes. My happy place!

But in complete truth … despite all the Wish Lists, all I want for my birthday is to share a cider or red wine with the ones I love the most and reminisce about years ago, fantasize about years ahead and be right in the moment. Because as much as I love stuff, possibly a bit more than the next person, it really is just stuff. But the Posse … well … that’s irreplaceable. True story.

Here’s to dirty thirty … and spending it with Lee Lee and the Posse.

Peace & 3-0

xxLeft to Right:

1. Mathias Chaize – Merci set of two bracelets

2. Chloe Leather Sandals

3. Mara Hoffman Printed Bustier Bikini 

4. Chloe – small Holly enameled brass ring

5. Missoni Home Montgomery Zig Zag wool blend throw

6. Kain Modal and Silk blend tank

7. Alexander McQueen enameled skull bangle

8. Smythson Textured Leather Passport Cover

9. Mulberry Postman’s Lock Leather Travel Bag

10. Yves Saint Laurent Arty gold-plated glass ring

11. Calvin Klein Underwear Soft Cup triangle stretch-lace bra 

12. Chloe Marcie Textured Leather Wallet

13. Stella McCartney Slub-twill blazer

14. Cire Trudon Ernesto rum, grapefruit and bergamot scented candle



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Looking Back

20-12 is just moments away … and for New Zealand it’s even closer!

With another year winding down and dropping away, I guess this is always a moment to look back at the year that was, and remind ourselves of the highs and the lows and ultimately those things that seem to define us in the coming year and maybe the one or two after that. Or longer even. And sometimes looking back is the only way to go forward.

For me, personally, this year has been one hell of a roller coaster. The scariest, fastest, most amazing and most dangerous roller coaster in the park! There’s been twists and turns I never saw coming, highs that have had my heart in my throat they were so high and lows that have left me shaken. And even when I got the feeling that I was about to hit another loopty-loop, I was still surprised and as shocked as ever at being turned upside down again. Apparently, I’m another year older but still none the wiser… which to be honest, is just the way I like it.

But despite the challenges that 2011 served up for me, I’m still going to remember it with alot of fondness and alot of love. Because it was a year filled with countless laugh out loud moments, times of pure magic and days that just make you want to stand still. Yep 2011, you’ve left a mark in my life and my days, that’s for sure. You won’t be forgotten.

So, thanks for coming 2011, it really has been something to hold onto. But now we’ve got to let it go. 2012 – I’m ready for you.

Let the good times roll.

Peace & 20-12


PS one of my favourite summer editorials for Vogue Paris, way back in 2007. Here’s to looking back.

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Sydney weather this ‘summer’ has been questionable to say the least. Theres only been a handful of days that I would even class as summer, and by summer I mean hot enough to spend some Q time on the beach. Very disappointing Sydney, very disappointing.

So as sad as I am that I wont be spending the festive season in glorious Sydney with the ones I love here, I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t looking forward to getting back to my home town Perth, in just a few sleeps. Because Perth knows how to do summer. Actually, that’s pretty much the only season it can do. And that’s A.OK with me, because I like it hot. Really hot.

The only other thing I look forward to more than the scorching dry heat of home, is the people … and all the cider that will be drunk and stories told and jokes made and tears shed and high fives shared. KT, Karen, Lee Lee, Che Che, Humphries, Clarkey, Geagea, Waters, Davies, Youngie, Gracie … the crew … can’t wait to see you all and hear about everything that has been filling your days.

Back to back 30 degree beach perfect days and the best time of year to be hanging with the posse – ready or not here I come.

Peace & Perth

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Yulia T for Marie Claire, South Africa.

Certified Goddess. Nothing more to add.

Peace & Yulia

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Sometimes you just have to jump. Close your eyes and do it.Take a leap of faith. And just let go of it all.

That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m just going to free fall. And know that where I land is where I am meant to be.

What is there really left to lose ? Not a heck of alot I’d say. Just alot to find. And find out about. I’m ready to start discovering. Why don’t you come along for the ride ? I can’t promise much except that it will be a ride. Let’s do it.

Deep breath … here I go …


Peace & Free Falling

PS images by Purple Diary that I want plastered all over my bedroom walls

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