In between blog posts alot has been happening. A-LOT.

Summer has come and gone for one thing … which means I am currently in mourning. Full blown sun, salt and sand mourning. As my tan goes from golden to ghostly so does my mood. I’m just hopeless at winter. Useless even. I mean, I like the whole layering thing… wearing felt hats and leather jackets and lace up boots, but honestly I’d much rather be getting around the streets of Bondi in my torn up cut offs and chuck taylors on my skateboard, than trudging to work bundled up in 12 layers clasping a hot drink.

So in protest to winter I have decided to spend the next few months dedicated to getting bikini body ready for next summer. The grand plan is simple. Train like a demon and then reap the rewards come October when the temperature rises and so do hemlines.

Simple? Simple.

A big shout out to Isabeli Fontana, my new certified body muse.

Peace, training and Isabeli


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There’s a new kid on the block! In the online shopping department that is … And this one has it’s own unique flavour and just happens to be sporting some of the coolest jewellry designers from New York City.

Bondi babe, Jennifer Moore, the culprit behind BLACK RAG, is making her mark on the online shopping world with her artfully selected jewels, chains, rings and all things bling.

After spending a decade in NYC honing her design skills at Tommy Hilfiger, Jennifer found herself longing for home and the chance to start her own fashion empire …. and the rest as they say, is history.

I got face to face with the gorgeous Jennifer to ask her all my usual (plus some extras!) hard and fast questions for your reading pleasure.


Ali xx

Ali Cotton: What inspired you to start BLACK RAG?

Jennifer Moore: Living in New York for 10 years spoilt me. I got so used to the huge variety of options available in the fashion department. When I returned home to Australia I just found myself roaming aimlessly in the stores looking for things that I needed for a special occasion or ‘just because’ and I could never find anything that I really liked due to the lack of variety. I figured I couldn’t be the only one out there so I decided to do my research and BLACKRAG was the perfect solution.

AC: Why do you love jewels so much?

JM: Jewels complete your look. They are the finishing touch to every outfit. 

AC: Who’s your fashion icon?

JM: There are so many to choose from. If I had to name one it would be Kate Moss. Kate is the definition of rocker-chic – she knows how to rock fashion and wear the chic with class.

AC: Favourite labels?

JM: Balenciaga, Givenchy & Alexander McQueen

AC: f you were an animal what animal would you be?

JM: A dolphin, so I can swim in the ocean 24/7. (AC: that’s a really good answer. I wish I had thought of that)

AC: If there was a movie about you who would play you?

JM: I have never thought about this question before so I have no idea! I would have to say Catherine Zeta-Jones, and the only reason I would choose her is because I get told I look like her every other day.

AC: Favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

JM: Easy! Laying in the sun on the Grassy Knoll in North Bondi and taking multiple dips in the ocean for cool downs.

AC: Rotating on your iPod right now?

JM: The Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Jay – Z & Adele

AC: Favourite piece on your store?

JM: I personally really love the Dannijo Loma Cuff but I also love the Jagger Edge iPhone cases.

AC: Must have accessory for summer?

JM: Jagger Edge iPhone case without a doubt, they are the ultimate luxury techcessory. Plus they are hand made in California with love.

AC: Biggest fashion disaster?

JM: Celine Dion at the 1999 Oscars wearing Dior’s classic white suit with the jacket backwards and with a fedora!! I really hope Dior didn’t sign off on that look! (AC: oh god that was just awful wasn’t it! Whoever her stylist was, I hope she was fired immediately!)

AC: If you were stranded on a desert island and had to eat the same food every day for a year, what would it be?

JM: Mangoes! I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and tea. ( AC: surprising Ms Moore … I’ve seen the look on your face when you see fries… I was sure you would say fries !)

AC: What did you want to be when you were a kid?

JM: A rockstar.

AC: All time favourite record?

JM: It’s too hard to pick only one! Pearl Jam’s Ten, Stone Temple Pilots Core & Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. I love the music in the 90’s.   

Shop BLACK RAG now to pick yourself up a super cool pick me up!

Here’s some of my fav pieces below.



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The Impossible

Some girls blame their fathers spoiling their mothers as an excuse for their ludicrously high expectations of love and relationships. Others label Disney movies as the culprit.

Not me though. I blame Calvin Klein.

Since Marky Mark and Moss the Boss got together in one of CK’s break through campaigns back in the early ’90s, women’s fantasies about getting a Marky Mark for themselves (and becoming Kate Moss) have gone into overdrive.

CK has since rolled out a succession of too-hot-to-handle campaigns for his underwear and denim lines over the last two decades, with sex appeal that every man, woman and child would kill for.

Sweaty, steamy and ridiculously hot couples entwined on sandy beaches with white water lapping at their feet … I mean really… it’s no wonder we want to turn that image into a reality and hold on tight.

Calvin, you got some explaining to do. I’ve now become high maintenance. And not in a I-need-the-latest-Louboutins way, but in a potentially more unattainable way.

I want the fairy tale. Not the fairy tale of the white dress, and the white horse and a knight or something or rather. Nup. That one makes me yawn. I want the everlasting love, crazy, ridiculous, can’t get enough of you vibe, you’re the only thing I see feeling, and I just can’t stop thinking about how damn good you feel intensity.

That’s what I’m chasing in this life. That, plus being a multi-millionaire and riding around on a yacht chasing the sun. What can I say….I’m easily pleased.

Peace & The Impossible


PS Happy Valentines Day for Thursday



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No one else comes close

If you ask me, there is no one else like her in the entire universe. No one could be any better, hotter, more savvy, more iconic. She’s built an empire that is all about her. People are so inspired by her they buy things because her body is on the swing tag. She’s respected as a business heavy weight, dreamed about because she has a body that has made her famous and is imitated the world over because her style sells magazines.

She’s the one, the only, the ultimate beach babe … Elle. 

And she just keeps getting better. God knows how that is possible but she does. 

Peace & My Icon


Pictures from Vanity Fair 

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Question: Could Lily Donaldson be any more of a goddess ?

Answer: No.

Part mermaid, part glamazon, Lily gets hot and heavy in one of the sexiest editorials Ive seen this year from Spanish Vogue. I’m in love!

Peace & OMG


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That time of year ….

I can not even believe that Christmas is just 3 weeks away.

That seems so wrong on so many levels! How did this happen? WHEN did this happen? What happened to this year ? 

Anyway, it seems that another year has slipped by, which brings me to this all important post. 

As always, I’m apparently near impossible to buy for … which I do find shocking to believe considering I can’t walk 10 meters down a shopping strip without pointing out something that I want that I somehow believe will make my existence on this earth just that bit sweeter!

In any case, here’s my Wish List for Xmas … and of course it’s all from shopping heaven, Net-A-Porter.

I’m all grown up this year and imagining a very European style Christmas on the sunny beaches of Perth … Gucci bikini and all.

Peace & Wishing


Left to right:

1. Stella McCartney Crest Embossed Gold Pendant

2. Myrtis Leather Sandals

3. Michael Kors Leather Passport Holder

4. Vanessa Kandiyoti Enameled Hamsa Bracelet

5. The Sartorialist, by Scott Schuman

6. Gucci Triangle Bikini

7. Gucci Grosgrain Trimmed Straw Fedora

8. The Row Leather Backpack

9. Pamela Love Empire Reflections Cuff

10. Cire Trudon Candle


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6 Reasons why being Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is awesome

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My Tonic

It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve felt the way I did last night.
I got excited. Like, really pretty excited. Excited about Spring coming … and not just in a longing way but in a spring-is-happening-in-like-a-few-weeks way.

Then the best bit…. What comes after Spring ?


The idea of winter being over and good weather literally just over the horizon makes me happy. Infinitely happy in fact. And anyone who knows me knows that I’m a total brat in winter. Despondent, cranky, pasty and just generally in a rut. Sunshine is my antidote to anything that life throws at me. My tonic.

So with that said, Im ready to start celebrating Spring, even if it is a few weeks early, because I need some tonic, with or without the gin.

Peace & My Tonic


Magdalena Frackowiak for French Vogue 

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I’ve been longing to do a post for what feels like forever !! It seems like oceans between posts for me these days … apparently life and work have taken precedent over writing and blogging… how sad!                                                   

However this very delayed post is starting to feel very very timely. Although I know I have a million snaps from my recent trip to NYC to post up, that’s just going to have to wait another few days because one of my favourite Perth artists, has an exhibition going on right now in my old hood.

Gorgeous Anya Brock and her artist pal Sara Winfield have teamed up for their exhibition
‘The Longing / An Aperture’. This exhibition is the third installment in Brocks ever evolving career and the first for new comer Sara Winfield.                                                                                                                                                                        
Both artists are exploring ideas of merging linear flora and fauna subject matter with pattern and colour across a variety of mediums. Throw in a strong nod to fashion  ( a background that both artists are trained in) in the form of gorgeous girls faces dripping with paint, ink and scribbles and you’ve got a kaleidoscopic visual chaos on a canvas. Basically, these girls are speaking my language.                                                                                                                           
Oh and buy up while you can… because in the very near future I’m pretty sure the starting price of one of these girls pieces is going to have at least 3 or 4 zeros at the end of it. So drop in to say hello, check out what’s happening in your local art scene and maybe buy a piece (or 2) and you might even get lucky enough to rub shoulders with either Anya or Sara  as they will be in the gallery on and off during the exhibition.                                                                          
‘The Longing / An Aperture’ runs till the 29th July at The Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery
46 Henry Street, Fremantle                                                                                                                                                         
Peace & Perth Artists
PS See more from Anya here  (first 3 pics below) and Sara here (last 2 pics below )
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USA Part 1 – LA to Vegas



It’s been a hell of a long time between posts I know…. I’m not entirely sure how that happened except that it has probably got something to do with my work load increasing seemingly 10 fold in the last few months with a string of exciting new projects on the go.

Oh and also the fact that maybe I was leaving Sydney for a 3 week stint in the States…that might have had something to do with my manic rush to get everything done before take off. Which incase you were wondering, didn’t happen. Apparently there is never a moment were ‘everything’ is done in the world of Joveeba. (JP can vouch for that!)

So this is Part 1 of my time in the US… I’m here with my twin brother, having a very extended and very belated 30th birthday celebration, and since he lives in Perth and me in Sydney, we dont see each other so much these days so it has been so wonderful to just have time to hang… chat… catch up… and drink margaritas out of salad size bowls.

After landing in LA we drove up the coast to San Fransisco and then hit the road out to Vegas ( of course ), all in our Mustang convertible…. so far it’s been a blast!

LA is just as hip and cool as you’d imagine with vegan cafes and tanned hotties on every corner. The road to San Fransisco was just amazing and the city is cool, laid back and just a really fun place to hang… and well Las Vegas … its schoolies on steroids. It’s a non-stop party. So part of me is very happy that we only lobbed in Vegas for 3 days… any longer and I think I would have been hospitalised from alcohol poisoning or heart failure due to the copious amounts of deep fried food.

Part 2 coming soon…. our week in NYC !

Peace & U.S of A



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