Best Gift Ideas for First-Time Mothers

It is normal for first-time mothers to feel scared about pregnancy. It is not easy, and there is really a first for everything. They have to get through a lot of pain and discomfort. But there are really some lucky ones that did not get to experience too much distress from the start until the moment they gave birth. To show appreciation to the women in your life especially for first-time mothers, here are some of the best gift ideas that you can consider giving to them in any occasion.

Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are comfortable to wear. So if a woman in your life is expecting a baby, send her a gift, whether there is an occasion or not. It will put a smile on her face, for sure. Moreover, jogger pants are stylish, and she can still wear them even after pregnancy. Make sure you know her size. But you can choose one that is one or two size bigger than her actual size because her belly will go through a lot of changes, and she needs to be happy and comfortable all throughout.


A comforter is yet another best gift idea for first-time mothers. It will come in handy when the baby comes out. However, remind her that the best time to place comforters on her baby’s bed is at 4 months and up. Should you need baby clothes, shop at baby clothes Australia or at your favourite stores near you. Make sure that it is free from materials that can pose a threat to your baby’s safety. Moreover, make sure that it is hypoallergenic because a baby’s skin is sensitive.

Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnant woman gets tired easily. She has to crawl up into the bed to rest. To help her feel more relaxed, you can give her a pregnancy pillow. There are different types of pregnancy pillow and these are inflatable pregnancy pillow, pregnancy body pillow, pregnancy wedge pillow and u-shaped pregnancy pillow. Each has its own unique feature but all of them will definitely help a pregnant woman sleep better and relieve muscle pain.

Mother’s Handbook

A handbook is perfect specifically for first-time mothers. It is perfect for recording all the developments of her newborn child. Include a nice pen, too.

Organic Beauty and Skincare Products

It is not advisable for pregnant women to use beauty and skincare products without a go signal from a medical doctor. That is why if you have this idea of giving a beauty and skincare product as a gift to a pregnant woman that is close to you, make sure that it is organic. However, it is still best to consult a medical doctor. Better safe than sorry.

Foldable Breakfast Table

A foldable breakfast table will be useful for a woman who just gave birth and still recovering or raising a newborn. Most probably, she needs to stay in bed all day so she will appreciate it, for sure.

There is a myriad of gift ideas you can give to the women in your life who are first-time mothers. Ensure they are practical.


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