Baby Must-Haves for Your Child’s First Beach Vacation

Having a child in the family brings an opportunity to have new firsts: first family dinner, first Christmas together, first beach vacation! All of these firsts are very important, no matter how simple the occasion is. One major moment for the family is when your child goes to a beach vacation for the first time. In this time, your baby will surely get a lot of attention and a lot of wardrobe change, too! But, aside from the beach attire, there are other equally important must-haves that you should never forget on your baby’s first trip to the beach.

Skin Protection

The heat of the sun can be really brutal to a baby’s young skin. Therefore, it is highly important that you bring the best and safest skin protection for your baby on his first visit to the beach. Aside from that, having enough protection can also save you from all the stress, hassle and worry that you might experience if your kids ever get skin irritation because of prickly heat.

Baby Towels

Of course, going to the beach will include going into the water a lot of times. Your child will now have a chance to enjoy a little bit of the sea by just being with you on the shore and enjoying light waves of the ocean. After playing under the sun and getting wet all over, you need to have the right kind of towel for your young one. You can get some of those cute yet really useful baby hooded towels for this. They do not only serve a lot of purposes, but you also get to have nice pictures of your baby in these cute towels. They normally come in animal designs that make children look really adorable!

Beach Toys

Kids love to play and you can make your child’s first beach vacation even more fun if you get them the right toys for the occasion. You can get toys that help in building sand castles or maybe some good old water floaters that children really, really love to play with in the bath. Be creative and make sure to play with them, too. Enjoy a fun day and find the child in you. Your child will surely love your attention and the fun that both of you will have while building sand castles or running around in the beach.

Protective Footwear

When on the beach, there can be some shells along the shore that might injure your child’s soles. Plus, the hot sand during mid-day can be really harmful to your little one’s delicate skin. To make this part of the vacation safer and more comfortable for your child, make sure you buy slippers that are safe enough for him. Not having to worry about these things during your beach vacation is a must for your family to truly enjoy the stay. Make great memories together and avoid being stressed as much as possible. By being truly prepared, you can be sure to get a really enjoyable and fun vacation for the first time with your little one.


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