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Australian dinosaur vase


Dinosaur Designs vases combine art and nature in a stunning show of ingenuity! Dinosaur Designs from Australia makes amazing things for your home or office. These vases will wow even the most discerning art fans with their rich history, unique designs, and superb materials. Discover why Dinosaur Designs vases are so popular in Australian design culture as we examine their intriguing history. Prepare to be inspired!

Background & Inspiration for Dinosaur Vases

Explore Dinosaur Designs vases’ fascinating history. This legendary Australian company, founded in 1985 by Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy, and Liane Rossler, has pushed artistic limits for almost 30 years. Through their love of nature and desire to create sculptural sculptures that blur the border between art and functional design, these visionary artists redefined the vase.

The bright landscapes of Australia and ancient artefacts and natural forms around the world inspire Dinosaur Designs’ unique vases. Each piece is carefully made with organic shapes and vibrant colours that honour the past and present.

The Dinosaur Designs crew is proud of their sustainability efforts. They reuse materials to reduce waste and create distinctive textures that add depth and character. Every piece has a narrative, from resin-based gemstone designs to hand-blown glass vases with ethereal colour swirls.

Their adaptability and strong aesthetic appeal set Dinosaur Designs vases distinct. These beautiful vessels may accent any room or stand out. They lend sophistication and elegance wherever they go, whether presented alone or in groups.

Dinosaur Designers incorporates new themes like elemental forces and cultural influences into each collection, giving art lovers something new to discover. Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy continue to enchant audiences worldwide with their outstanding talent by innovating while staying faithful to their creative vision.

Watch as we explore Dinosaur Designs’ vases, each one a wonderful blend of artistry and functionality that makes them great for any house or environment. Let’s explore Dinosaur Designs vases.

The Different Dinosaur Designs Vases

Dinosaur Designs has a beautiful range of vases in all forms, sizes, and colours. Each vase is handcrafted with care, creating unique, useful, and creative pieces.

Classic cylinder vases are available from  dinosaur designs vase Australia . Its sleek lines and simple shape make it ideal for long-stemmed flowers and branches. The cylinder vase comes in bright reds and relaxing blues, so you may match it to your home decor.

For a unique touch, Dinosaur Designs offers organic-shaped vases. These vases resemble rocks or waves, adding nature to your area. These vases offer visual intrigue and movement with their uneven shapes and textured surfaces.

Sculptural cone vases from Dinosaur Designs are perfect for minimalists. Clean lines and geometric shapes make these exquisite pieces stand out on any tabletop or shelf. In neutral colours like white or black, these cone vases match any decor.

Dinosaur Designs also sells bulbous and asymmetrical vases. There’s a Dinosaur Designs vase for every taste, from bold to subtle.

Dinosaur Designs has so many vases that you can choose one (or several!) that matches your style and complements your living area.

Vase Materials for Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs employs unique and gorgeous materials to make their amazing vases. Resin is used to make bright colours. Resin provides the vases a glossy finish, adding elegance.

Glass is another Dinosaur Designs material. The clarity and fine craftsmanship of glass vases make them ageless. Their sizes range from tall and thin to short and thick.

In addition to resin and glass, Dinosaur Designs’ vase line includes ceramics. The organic shapes and textures of ceramic vases make them rustic. Each item has depth and character from ceramics.

Additionally, Dinosaur Designs uses metal embellishments in several vase designs. Brass or copper accents stand out against resin or glass.  

Australia Dinosaur Vases: Where to Buy

If you love Dinosaur Designs vases’ unique beauty and ingenuity, you may be wondering where to get them in Australia. Fortunately, there are many ways to add creative elegance to your home.

Dinosaur Designs has boutiques nationwide. You can experience their world-renowned collection in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other major cities. The stores’ educated staff can help you choose a vase for your house or as a present.

Online shopping at  dinosaur designs vase Australia  lets clients from across Australia shop at their convenience. Their website features their wide vase collection with detailed product descriptions and photos that capture every detail.

Many respectable Australian homeware companies sell  dinosaur designs vase Australia . These merchants usually offer both physical and online locations where you may browse designs before buying.

Only buy Dinosaur Designs vases from authorised dealers to ensure authenticity. This ensures that you are buying authentic goods made by this legendary Australian brand’s brilliant artists.

Whether you buy from one of their stores, online, or trusted homeware retailers, a Dinosaur Designs vase will bring sophistication and artistry to any decor. So pamper yourself or surprise someone special with a stunning piece from this renowned Australian brand!

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