In between blog posts alot has been happening. A-LOT.

Summer has come and gone for one thing … which means I am currently in mourning. Full blown sun, salt and sand mourning.¬†As my tan goes from golden to ghostly so does my mood. I’m just hopeless at winter. Useless even. I mean, I like the whole layering thing… wearing felt hats and leather jackets and lace up boots, but honestly I’d much rather be getting around the streets of Bondi in my torn up cut offs and chuck taylors on my skateboard, than trudging to work bundled up in 12 layers clasping a hot drink.

So in protest to winter I have decided to spend the next few months dedicated to getting bikini body ready for next summer. The grand plan is simple. Train like a demon and then reap the rewards come October when the temperature rises and so do hemlines.

Simple? Simple.

A big shout out to Isabeli Fontana, my new certified body muse.

Peace, training and Isabeli


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