The Impossible

Some girls blame their fathers spoiling their mothers as an excuse for their ludicrously high expectations of love and relationships. Others label Disney movies as the culprit.

Not me though. I blame Calvin Klein.

Since Marky Mark and Moss the Boss got together in one of CK’s break through campaigns back in the early ’90s, women’s fantasies about getting a Marky Mark for themselves (and becoming Kate Moss) have gone into overdrive.

CK has since rolled out a succession of too-hot-to-handle campaigns for his underwear and denim lines over the last two decades, with sex appeal that every man, woman and child would kill for.

Sweaty, steamy and ridiculously hot couples entwined on sandy beaches with white water lapping at their feet … I mean really… it’s no wonder we want to turn that image into a reality and hold on tight.

Calvin, you got some explaining to do. I’ve now become high maintenance. And not in a I-need-the-latest-Louboutins way, but in a potentially more unattainable way.

I want the fairy tale. Not the fairy tale of the white dress, and the white horse and a knight or something or rather. Nup. That one makes me yawn. I want the everlasting love, crazy, ridiculous, can’t get enough of you vibe, you’re the only thing I see feeling, and I just can’t stop thinking about how damn good you feel intensity.

That’s what I’m chasing in this life. That, plus being a multi-millionaire and riding around on a yacht chasing the sun. What can I say….I’m easily pleased.

Peace & The Impossible


PS Happy Valentines Day for Thursday



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