I’ve been longing to do a post for what feels like forever !! It seems like oceans between posts for me these days … apparently life and work have taken precedent over writing and blogging… how sad!                                                   

However this very delayed post is starting to feel very very timely. Although I know I have a million snaps from my recent trip to NYC to post up, that’s just going to have to wait another few days because one of my favourite Perth artists, has an exhibition going on right now in my old hood.

Gorgeous Anya Brock and her artist pal Sara Winfield have teamed up for their exhibition
‘The Longing / An Aperture’. This exhibition is the third installment in Brocks ever evolving career and the first for new comer Sara Winfield.                                                                                                                                                                        
Both artists are exploring ideas of merging linear flora and fauna subject matter with pattern and colour across a variety of mediums. Throw in a strong nod to fashion  ( a background that both artists are trained in) in the form of gorgeous girls faces dripping with paint, ink and scribbles and you’ve got a kaleidoscopic visual chaos on a canvas. Basically, these girls are speaking my language.                                                                                                                           
Oh and buy up while you can… because in the very near future I’m pretty sure the starting price of one of these girls pieces is going to have at least 3 or 4 zeros at the end of it. So drop in to say hello, check out what’s happening in your local art scene and maybe buy a piece (or 2) and you might even get lucky enough to rub shoulders with either Anya or Sara  as they will be in the gallery on and off during the exhibition.                                                                          
‘The Longing / An Aperture’ runs till the 29th July at The Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery
46 Henry Street, Fremantle                                                                                                                                                         
Peace & Perth Artists
PS See more from Anya here  (first 3 pics below) and Sara here (last 2 pics below )
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