USA Part 1 – LA to Vegas



It’s been a hell of a long time between posts I know…. I’m not entirely sure how that happened except that it has probably got something to do with my work load increasing seemingly 10 fold in the last few months with a string of exciting new projects on the go.

Oh and also the fact that maybe I was leaving Sydney for a 3 week stint in the States…that might have had something to do with my manic rush to get everything done before take off. Which incase you were wondering, didn’t happen. Apparently there is never a moment were ‘everything’ is done in the world of Joveeba. (JP can vouch for that!)

So this is Part 1 of my time in the US… I’m here with my twin brother, having a very extended and very belated 30th birthday celebration, and since he lives in Perth and me in Sydney, we dont see each other so much these days so it has been so wonderful to just have time to hang… chat… catch up… and drink margaritas out of salad size bowls.

After landing in LA we drove up the coast to San Fransisco and then hit the road out to Vegas ( of course ), all in our Mustang convertible…. so far it’s been a blast!

LA is just as hip and cool as you’d imagine with vegan cafes and tanned hotties on every corner. The road to San Fransisco was just amazing and the city is cool, laid back and just a really fun place to hang… and well Las Vegas … its schoolies on steroids. It’s a non-stop party. So part of me is very happy that we only lobbed in Vegas for 3 days… any longer and I think I would have been hospitalised from alcohol poisoning or heart failure due to the copious amounts of deep fried food.

Part 2 coming soon…. our week in NYC !

Peace & U.S of A



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