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Looking Back

20-12 is just moments away … and for New Zealand it’s even closer! With another year winding down and dropping away, I guess this is always a moment to look back at the year that was, and remind ourselves of … Continue reading

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Sydney weather this ‘summer’ has been questionable to say the least. Theres only been a handful of days that I would even class as summer, and by summer I mean hot enough to spend some Q time on the beach. … Continue reading

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Yulia T for Marie Claire, South Africa. Certified Goddess. Nothing more to add. Peace & Yulia xx

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Sometimes you just have to jump. Close your eyes and do it.Take a leap of faith. And just let go of it all. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m just going to free fall.¬†And know that where I … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my body. And when I say ‘lately’ I’m talking about say … oh the last 15 years. Thinking about it. About how to make it thinner, slimmer, leaner, tighter, faster, stronger … how … Continue reading

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